Sewline Fablic Aqua Eraser

Remove marks by finger/pressure control of water/detergent from the barrel to the soft fibre point eraser.

Easy to Fill

Prepare a container with 20 mL of water and add 5 drops of detergent.

Unscrew point by holding the pink gripto detach the reservoir unit.

Place end of reservoir unit into water,pull up the piston rod to draw in water.

Hold reservoir unit with point end uprightand push piston rod back to expel air.

Put reservoir unit into water again, pull piston rod out which will fill the chamber.


Push piston rod slightly to give first flow of water/detergent to point.

Dab on the aqua mark on the fabric and the point will absorb and erase the mark.

Gently squeeze the pink grip as needed to keep point damp.

When point becomes discoloured, pull from the barrel and push in a new point.

Moving Image